Announcement of Greek Fellowship

The committee on the award of the Charles Eliot Norton Fellowship in Greek Studies has announced the following subjects for the theses on which the award of the fellowship will be based in 1908:

(1) The Ethics of Pindar.

(2) Greek Oracles as a Source of Greek History.

(3) The Influence of Democracy on the Character of Attic Oratory.

(4) Plato's and Aristotle's Conception of the Art of Music in its Relation to Education and Life.


(5) Funeral Rites in Greek Poetry and Art of the Fifth Century, with a Study of their Inner Significance.

(6) The Evidence of the Intention of Pericles to substitute Athena for Apollo as the National Divinity.

Competition for the fellowship is open to members of the Senior class in Harvard College and of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and to Seniors and Graduate students in Radcliffe. It has an annual income of six hundred dollars. The award will be made by a committee composed of Professor C. E. Norton '46, Professor J. H. Wright '92, and Professor C. B. Gulick '90, on the basis of a thesis on a subject approved by this committee, and such other evidence of scholarship as may be accessible. Application to candidacy for competition must be made to Professor C. B. Gulick, chairman of the committee of award, before December 1, and the theses of approved candidates will be due on March 1, 1908.

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