General, Improvement in Harvard's Game.--Brown Strong.

Harvard defeated the Brown University football team, 6 to 5, last Saturday, in the closest and most exciting game that has been held in the Satdium this fall. The elevens were so evenly matched in the first half that the University team resorted mainly to the old style game, but was unable to break through the Brown line for the required ten yards. Brown tried many end runs with Dennie or Mayhew carrying the ball, but except for the latter's long runs, they were unable to gain consistently. As a result, punting was frequent on both sides, and the ball was almost always in Brown's half of the field owing to Burr's slight superiority over Dennie. There was no scoring in the first half, but the University eleven rushed the ball down to Brown's 2-yard line towards the close of the half. Here, the visitors held and almost immediately afterwards, aided by two recovered onside kicks, got the ball to Harvard's 13-yard mark, when time was called.

The real contest came in the second half when Brown had carried the ball down to Harvard's 1-yard line. Here Harvard took a magnificent brace, and five times withstood the attacks of the Brown backs. It was a magnificent bit of defensive work, and had not a University player been offside, thus giving Brown three additional downs, no touchdown would have been scored. With the score 5 to 0 against them, the University eleven put a snap into their play after the next kick-off that was irresistible. They had less than five minutes in which to play, but after recovering a long forward pass on Brown's 8-yard line, Lockwood scored a touchdown on the third play.

Harvard started the game with a new man, Browne, at left end, and, although Mayhew made several long runs around his end, Browne acquitted himself well. At left tackle Burr played a hard game, but both he and Fish had two excellent men opposed to them and had all they could do to hold their own. Burr got off some beautiful punts, but many of them were almost blocked. Fish, as usual, played a better offensive than defensive game. Harvard's three centre men were in every line play and as a rule opened up big holes for Apollonio. Grant showed up well in the open field and caused the Brown backs considerable trouble on and plays. The right end position was ably filled by Macdonald. He made many hard, clean tackles and despite the excellent interference which the Brown backs gave their runner, Regnier could not gain around him. Both he and Browne were down the field well under Barr's punts. Newhall ran the team well at quarterback, and, although he misjudged some of Dennie's punts, he ran back many from 10 to 20 yards, after recovering them on the bounce. Starr's strength lay in his tackling, which was hard and effective. Anollonio's game showed great possibilities both in offense and defense, and he played steadily throughout the contest.


Mayhew's offensive work in end running was remarkable, and by his speed and clever dodging he gained about 100 yards for his team: Dennie also ran well and put lots of snap into his team. He had remarkable control over his punts, and the low, straight spirals which he sent to the backfield were very difficult either to judge or catch.

Smith kicked off for Brown and Burr-made a return punt. More punts followed, interspersed with runs by Mayhew and Newhall. Finally Burr's long kicks began to tell and the ball was confined to Brown's territory. Soon, Harvard secured the ball on Brown's 41-yard line and Rand gained 15 yards through left tackle on the first play. Apollonio followed with 17 more through right tackle and three more short gains put the ball on Brown's 2-yard line, where the latter held. They then carried the ball down to Harvard's 13-yard line before time was called.


The Second Half.

In the second half, Burr's first kick-off was called back for offside play, and by means of long runs by Mayhew and Dennie under good interference, the ball was brought back to Harvard's 50-yard line, from where Dennie punted to Newhall. Two punts of Burr's sent the ball over Brown's goal line. Dennie made a beautiful 60-yard puntout, after which Harvard slowly worked the ball back, to lose it on a forward pass on Brown's 9-yard line. After this came Harvard's fine exhibition of holding and Brown's touchdown.

Burr kicked off over the goal line, but Mayhew chose to run the ball out and was not downed until he reached the 15-yard line. Three plays, one being a fake kick, put the ball on the 28-yard line, but Brown was penalized 15 yards for holding. After one play, they punted to Newhall who ran back to the 36-yard line. Burr then pulled off the play which was the direct cause of the touchdown, Fish and M. C. Peirce recovering his 26-yard forward pass on the 8-yard line. Apollonio gained three yards through guard and followed with four more through tackle, and then Lockwood scored through right tackle on a split play. Burr kicked the goal.

Time was called during the first play after the next kick-off, with the ball in Brown's possession near the middle of the field.

The summary:HARVARD.  BROWN.Browne, Forster, Kennard, l.e.  r.e., SwainBurr, l.t.  r.t., HazardHoar, l.g.  r.g., AylerGrant, c.  c., SmithW. Peirce, r.g.  l.g., ConklinFish, r.t.  l.t., KirleyMacdonald, M. C. Peirce, r.e.  l.e., PryorNewhall, q.b.  q.b., DennieStarr, Lockwood, l.h.b.  r.h.b., RegnierRand, r.h.b.  l.h.b., MayhewApollonio, f.b.  f.b., MacDonal