On Board Track on Holmes Field.--Material for Next Spring.

Work for the University track team will begin today on the board track on Holmes Field back of the new Law School building. As the Boston Athletic Association meet comes on February 1 this winter, two weeks earlier than in former years, leaving less than a month for the training after the Christmas recess, all new and old men, and especially candidates for the middle and long distance runs, are expected to begin light work today. Following is a list of men who are especially urged to begin systematic work immediately, as from their number the nucleus of the University and Freshman relay teams will be picked: J. R. Cool-Crysler '11, H. C. Foster '11, G. Glass '11, H. Jaques, Jr., '11, E. K. Merrihew '10, E. V. B. Parke '08, F. M. de Selding '10, H. M. Warren '08, H. Watson '10, W. F. Whitchen '08, F. C. Whitmore '11, M. B. Van Brunt '08.

There will be a meeting of all candidates or the team on Friday, January 3, at which Captain Dodge and the coaches will outline the plans for the season's work. The cups for the first dual meet with Yale and the two cups for intercollegiate meet which the University team has won will be displayed on this occasion. On the following day, strict winter training will begin. It will last until about the middle of March, and as early in the spring as the weather permits, outdoor work will begin.

In addition to participating in the indoor meet of the Boston Athletic Association, the field event and sprint candidates will be urged to enter as often as possible the open indoor meets in the neighborhood, in order to gain experience in competition. It is also planned to hold some time in February a University indoor carnival, in which there will be the usual track and field events, as well as inter-dormitory relay races. The purpose of the carnival will be to afford an opportunity for as many men as possible to take part and to gain competitive experience in meets.

W. F. Garcelon L.'95, will again act as graduate advisory coach when he is able to give the time. His work in assisting the hurdles has been very helpful. Coach J. G. Lathrop will again have charge of the track candidates, and Coach W. E. Quinn of the field event men.

General Prospects for the Spring.

In spite of the loss of seven valuable point winners from last year's team, the prospects for this season are, on the whole, encouraging. The success or failure of the team in the important meets will depend largely upon the regularity of work and training of the men who ought to win second and third places. There are several men from last year's Freshman team, who should obtain results this year, but the men from Yale's 1910 team are by no means to be over-looked. The University team will have back next spring men who won 39 points in the dual meet with Yale last year, while Yale will have back men who won 27, 1-2 points.

The following statement will show how the prospects of the University team stand and also what Yale point winners in last year's meet are again eligible.

L. P. Dodge 08, captain of the University track team, should score without doubt in the sprints next spring. Last year he won the 220-yard dash in the dual meet with Yale, took first place the year before, third in the intercollegiate meet the two preceding years, and second in the 100-yard dash in the dual meet last year. The loss of P. C. Lockwood '07, who won the 100-yard dash in the dual meet and was the only man to get a place in the sprints in the intercollegiate games last spring, will be felt severely, as there is no man at present, able to win a second place in these events. Men who should develop into good sprinters by spring are L. Watson '10, E. V. B. Parke '08, and P. Edwards '08. Yale will have back L. B. Stevens '08, who won second place in the 220-yard dash, and R. B. Burch '09, who was third in both sprints in the last dual meet.

In the 440-yard run, neither B. L. Young '07, who has won second place in the dual meet for the past two years, nor J. V. Onatavia '08, who won third place last spring, are back again this year, and their loss will be severely felt as there are no men of University experience to take their places. However, F. M. de Selding '10, E. K. Merrihew '10, and H. E. Keays '10, of last year's Freshman team, have already done excellent work, and Yale has lost W. T. Coholan '07, who won the event last year.

In the 880-yard run, M. B. Van Brunt '08, who was the only man to win a place last year in this event in the dual meet, will again compete. Promising candidates for this event are E. Becker '08, W. F. Whitcher '09, and R. Warren '10, and H. Watson '10 of the 1910 Freshman team. Yale will again have V. V. Tilson '08 and S. D. Frissell '08, who won first and third places in the dual meet last spring.

H. F. Hadden, Jr., '09, who won first place in the mile run in the dual meet last year and who was the only man to take a place in this event, is eligible to compete again next spring. R. F. Hoyt '10, J. R. Coolidge '10, and H. F. Miller '09, give promise of developing well in this event. Yale will again have R. L. Spitzer '09 and J. F. Williams '09, who were second and third respectively in the dual meet last spring.

The team should be very strong in the two-mile run with M. S. Crosby '08, who won the event last year and was third a year ago, and R. E. Dole '10, who has done very good work this fall in cross-country running. With P. W. Carter '10, E. B. Smith '08, P. Woodman '08, and other promising candidates, there should be a fast squad in this event. Yale has lost B. H. Woodward '07, who won second place in the dual meet last year.

Good Men in Hurdles.

W. M. Rand '09, who won both the low and high hurdles in the dual meet last spring, A. B. Mason '08, who took second in the low hurdles and O. F. Rogers, Jr., '08, who won points a year ago, should make sure of several places in both hurdle races. In the low hurdles, G. P. Gardner '10, and in the high hurdles, T. S. Blumer '10, should prove to be fast men. For Yale, L. V. Howe '08, who was second in the 120-yard hurdles last spring, and C. M. de Pay '08, who won third place in the 220-yard hurdles, will again be eligible.

The University team has lost only two point winners in the field events, while Yale has lost five, and it should therefore be exceptionally strong in these events this spring. The University should win the high jump and the shot-put, the broad jump is undecided, and the pole-vault and hammer-throw will almost surely go to Yale. Of the five places won in the intercollegiate games last spring, four were won in the field events, and all but two by men still in College.

All the high jumpers that won points in the meet last year are still in College. R. G. Harwood '09, R. E. Somers '08, and G. E. Roosevelt '09, have all won points against Yale. Yale has lost their captain J. W. Marshall '07, who won the event for the last four years.

The University did not win a point in the broad jump last year, but B. T. Stephenson, Jr., '08, and O. F. Rogers, Jr., '08, have competed in this event before and should be able to win some place. P. C. Haskell '08 and C. C. Little '10 also have good marks and should develop well. W. F. Knox '07 and C. D. Deming '07, who won first and third for Yale, have graduated, but C. H. Davis '09, who was second, is still to be reckoned with.

The loss of A. G. Grant '07, who has tied for second in the pole-vault in the dual meets for the last two years, and a year ago tied for first place in the intercollegiate games, establishing a new record, will be severely felt, especially as there is no one of experience to take his place. E. L. Parker '10, S. C. Lawrence '10, and J. R. Barr '10 have shown some ability and should improve by next spring. For Yale, W. R. Dray '08, who established a new world's record of 12 feet, 5 1-2 inches in the dual games last spring, and A. C. Gilbert '08 M. S., who tied with Grant for second in the dual meet, will again compete.

In the shot-put, B. T. Stephenson, Jr., '08, who won first in the intercollegiates a year ago, and third last year, and first for the last two years in the dual meets, will undoubtedly score in both the dual and intercollegiate meets. W. M. Bird '08, L. W. Bangs '08, R. H. Townshend '09, and C. C. Little '10, should develop into point winners. G. L. Burnham '08S. and M. A. Sheldon '08, who won second and third in the last dual meet, will again compete for Yale.

The loss in the hammer-throw of H. E. Kersburg '07, who won second in the intercollegiate and first in the dual meet last spring, will leave the team without any hammer thrower of marked ability, and it seems very doubtful that the University will secure any places in this event. Yale, however, will also lose R. Park '07S., and J. George '07S., who won second and third places last year. H. M. Gilmore '08 is the only candidate who promises to be a point winner in this event