Facsimiles of Documents Relating to John Harvard

The University Library received yesterday from England several interesting facsimiles of documents relating to John Harvard. They are the will of Thomas Harvard, John Harvard's father, the will of his mother Katherine Yearwood, the record of the marriage of John Harvard in the Ringnier parish register, and several other papers of interest.

The exhibition in the Treasure Room of the Library will be open in the afternoon today and tomorrow, after which it will be closed.

Gift from F. W. Story '73 and W. E. Story '71.

The Library has received from Frederick W. Story '73, of Baltimore, a little volume of early sermons of the eighteenth century, prefixed to which is a pamphlet of the greatest rarity. This is Cotton Mather's "Poem Dedicated to the Memory of the Reverend and Excellent Mr. Urian Oakes, the late Pastor of Christ's Flock, and President of Harvard College, in Cambridge. Boston in New-England, printed for John Ratcliff, 1682." This is thought to be Cotton Mather's earliest publication, written when he was nineteen years old, and only one other copy of it has ever come to light. That copy was sold at the Brinley sale in 1879, and was bought by C. Fiske Harris for his collection of American poetry. This collection was bequeathed to Brown University, and the copy of Mather's Poem, hitherto thought to be unique, is now in the library of Brown University.

The volume is presented to the College Library by F. W. Story and his brother, W. E. Story '71, as a memorial of their father, the Hon. Isaac Story.