Suggestion for Coaching System

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

After another unsuccessful season, and, in fact, most disastrous one, it is now time to discuss plans for next year and what is more, act on them.

Harvard, in order to win a fair share of victories, must throw over ultra-conservatism and adopt a progressive policy. Other colleges are willing to adopt the good things our University offers; why do we not follow the undoubted leader in football? West Point and Annapolis have done it with success, and it is needless to mention how many other colleges have had Yale coaching. At what college of note in the East will you find Harvard coaching in vogue? You cannot find it because there is no system to teach. Was there a single patent trace of Reid's labors this past season?

Let's have a system, then, and begin at once to construct it. Pick the coach from the proved stars of this year's team: notably Newhall, Grant or Wendell, men with brains, fight, and personal knowledge of the candidates and of the new game.

Next get an advisory coach who shall always be near at hand, ever ready to prevent us from deviating the slightest from the policy adopted in the near in- ture. The change must be a radical one, and I shall not begin to point out the many faults shown on Soldiers Field this year. They must have been perfectly plain to everybody.

What I want to disparage is the lethargic satisfaction now running among the majority of the undergraduates who really are the ones to work a change for the better. These continued defeats are doing the College no good, if not positive harm, through public opinion which so often jumps at conclusions; and what they might be I leave to be considered. I should like to see the question of football threshed out in these columns and some action taken, no matter how radical.  GRADUATE