Magazine Articles By Graduates

The following articles by Harvard graduates have appeared in the December magazines:

Ainslee's--"The Maid of Manner Hall," by J. Ban '90; "Ewing's Lady," by H. L. Wilson, '00.

American--"Fcotlight Fiction," by W. P. Eaton '00.

Appleton's--"The Nick of Time," by J. Barnes '00.

Canadian--"Canadian Scenes and other Poems," by W. H. Porter '98.

Century--"New Photographs of Mars," by P. Lowell '76; "Visit of Nicodemus to Christ," by J. La Farge '01.

Forum--Sonnets, by R. R. Logan '97.

Harpers--"Talking of Presentiments," and Editor's Easy Chair, by W. D. Howells h. '67; "The Coming and Going of Expletives," by T. R. Lounsbury h. '93; "Raising of a Family," by E. S. Martin '77.

Lippincott's--"The Doubting Folly," by G. L. Walton '75; "The Pendulum Swings," by W. H. Osborne '97.

McClure's--"The Canadian Act," by C. W. Eliot '53; "The Planet Mars," by P. Lowell '76.

Outing--"Experiences with Humming Birds," by H. K. Job, '88.

Outlook--"Literature at Off-Tide," by T. W. Higginson '41; "O Little Town of Bethlehem," by P. Brooks '55; "Literature or Life," by E. E. Hale '39.

Pall Mall--"The Shepherd's Christmas," by W. Hyde '01, "The God of Clay," by H. C. Bailey '97.

Seribner's--"The Part of Caesar," by A. S. Pier '95: "The Master of the Inn," by R. Herrick '90: "The Song of Old Homes," by E. Sutton '85: "The Field of Art," by R. Sturgis '78.