Mass. Federation of Churches

The annual meeting of the Massachusetts Federation of Churches will be held this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Peabody Hall, Phillips Brooks House. The Federation is a joint committee of thirteen denominations, and consists at present of 49 members. It seeks to remove the differences between denominations and to unite them by their common beliefs.

The program of this afternoon's meeting, which will be open to the public, will be: greeting on behalf of the Harvard Divinity Faculty, by Dean W. W. Fenn '84; response by some member of the Council; annual business meeting of the Council, consisting of a discussion on two questions: "Our State Campaign, with the motto, 'Some Church Responsible for Each Square Mile,'" and "The Readjustment of Missionary Work--How Far Necessary and Possible?" The afternoon meeting will close with an address by the Rev. R. G. Boville, national director of Vacation Bible Schools, on "A New and Needed Line of Co-operation."

This evening at 6 o'clock the members of the Council will dine at the Union as the guests of the Harvard Divinity Faculty.

The evening session of the Federation will be held in the Shepard Congregational Church, Cambridge. The following addresses will be given: "The Hague-Tribunal of the Churches," by Rev. G. E. Hall, D.D., president of the New Hampshire Interdenominational Commission: "The Chamber of Churches--a Business Proposition," by Rev. Edward Holyoke, D.D., and "A Poet's Vision," by Rev. O. P. Gifford, D.D., pastor of the Brookline Baptist Church.