Nine Plays on University Diamond at 4 o'clock.--Substitutes in Line up.

The University baseball team will play Bates this afternoon on the University diamond, Soldiers Field, at 4 o'clock. Either Brennan or Greene will be in the box for Harvard today, while Captain, Johnson, the first pitcher of the Bates squad, will be the opposing pitcher.

Slight injuries will keep two of Harvard's regulars, Leonard and Briggs, on the bench today. Leonard's tendon, which he strained in the Army game last Saturday, is coming along nicely, but still bothers him a little. Briggs has been given a lay-off after the strenuous week in the South, but will be back in the game again within a few days. Waters will play first and Pritchett third.

Bates apparently has a faster team than last year, when Harvard shut them out, 4 to 0, in a slow game with Greene in the box. They have victories over Tufts, Andover and Exeter to their credit, and have hit the ball hard in all their games. Johnson, who will pitch this afternoon, allowed Harvard only five scattered hits last year, but received poor support. The batting orders: HARVARD.  BATES. Harvey, c.f.  c.f., Bridges McCall, 2b.  l.f., Rogers Dexter, l.f.  r.f., Wight Simons, s.s.  1b., Bowman Pounds, r.f.  c., Boothby Waters, 1b.  s.s., Cobb Pritchett, 3b.  2b., Cole Currier, c.  3b., Jordan Brennan or Greene, p.  p., Johnson