University Crew Covered Distance Satisfactorily.--Orders of the Eights.

The University and second crews had their first long row of the season yesterday afternoon. The shells were towed downstream below the Longwood bridge where the crews got into them from the launch and rowed slowly down to the Union Boat Club. Both crews then rowed upstream together for two miles, where the second crew stopped. The University crew was then about a length and a half in the lead, but continued upstream to the first bend above the Newell Boat Club, rowing in all about four miles.

The work of both crews was satisfactory, although the University crew rushed their shoot and slide badly at times.

The orders were as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Farley; 7, Severance; 6, Bacon; 5, Richardson; 4, Glass; 3, Faulkner; 2, Lunt; bow, Burchard; cox., Blagden.

Second Crew--Stroke, Tappan; 7, Amberg; 6, Lovering; 5, Hanfstaengl; 4, Morgan; 3, Swaim; 2, Fahnestock; bow, Wiggins; cox., Arnold.

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