1909 Defeated 1910 in Lacrosse

In the first of the games for the class lacrosse championships yesterday afternoon, the Sophomores defeated the Freshmen by the score of 8 to 2. The Freshman team was seriously handicapped by the loss of Radford, Leavitt, and Walker, three of the better players, but played a hard game, especially in the first half. After the game F.C. Alexander was elected captain of the Freshman team.

The summary: 1909.  1910. Goepper, g.  g., Judd Porter, l.h.  p., Kraus Currie, o.h.  c.p., Allen Viets, 1a.  1d., Gittings Sampson, 2a.  2d., Smith Cobb, 3a.  3d., Pyles Cochrane, c.  c., Alexander Stevens, Clas, 3d.  3a., Cobb Clas, Thompson, 2d.  2a., Rand Fisher, Gillette, Jones, 1d.  1a., Barnard Eisner, c.p.  o.h., Burr Sheip, p.  i.h., Sampson

Score--1909, 8; 1910, 2. Goals--Cobb 4, Porter 2, Viets, Currie, Burr, Alexander. Referee--F.W. Wead '07. Goal umpires--P.B. Francis '08, M.I. Woody '07. Timekeeper--M. Waide '10.

1907 Will Play 1908 Today at 4.

The second game of the series will be played this afternoon at 4 o'clock between the Seniors and Juniors. The Seniors lost several of their best men by graduation in March, but nevertheless the chances of winning favor them.