Results of Play in Golf Tournament

The first round of the University championship golf tournament which was played yesterday on the Oakley Country Club links resulted as follows:

E. W. Clark '07 defeated F. W. Kemble '08, 3 up and 2 to play; W. Hickox '08 defeated J. W. Coe '09, 3 up and 2 to play; H. H. Wilder '09 defeated W. F. Morgan '10, 5 up and 3 to play; F. Ingalls 3L. defeated S. Plummer 3L., 3 up and 2 to play.

Following are the results of the tournament for the consolation cup offered for the second eight men to qualify: C. S. Brown, Jr., '08 defeated H. Green '08, 1 up; T. T. Clark '08 defeated H. Sutphin '07, 2 up and 1 to play; P. Grant '08 defeated H. F. McNeil '08, 1 up (in 19 holes); G. R. Minot '08 defeated A. W. Ingalls '09, 1 up.

The semi-finals and finals in both tournaments will be played next week at the convenience of the contestants.