Unvelling in the Union Today at 5 o'clock.--Painting by J. S. Sargent.

This afternoon at 5 o'clock immediately after the baseball game with Yale the portrait of President Eliot '53, painted by the well-known English artist, J. S. Sargent, will be unveiled in the Living Room of the Union. G. G. Ball '08, vice-president of the Union, will preside, and J. A. Burgess, president of the class of 1904, will make the presentation speech.

The portrait was a gift to President Eliot on his seventieth birthday and resulted from a subscription fund of over $5000 raised by Burgess and others in 1904. The first sketching was made two years ago, during President Eliot's visit to England. As a companion to that of Major H. L. Higginson, painted also by Sargent, the portrait will hand in the same position which has been previously occupied by that of John Quincy Adams.

Tomorrow afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock tea will be served to all members of the Faculty and their families, in order that they may have a better chance of viewing the portrait. The unveiling today will be open to all members of the University.