Will be Elected Tonight at 7.--Electors Increased From 11 to 18.

The presidents of the Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes, and delegates from any athletic teams representing the University during the past year, will have a meeting in the Athletic Office this evening at 7 o'clock to elect the three undergraduate members of the Athletic Committee for next year.

This meeting has been called by the President of the University in accordance with the report of the Joint Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports made the first of last March. The number of electors has also been increased by this committee from merely the presidents of the four classes and delegates from seven athletic teams to the class presidents and representatives of all athletic teams in the University.

The following men, besides the class presidents, are the electors, and, if they are unable to be present, are expected to send delegates from among the members of their respective teams: A. W. Reggio '08, captain of the association football team, W. D. Dexter '07, captain of the baseball team; I. S. Broun '08, captain of the basketball team; C. A. Bliss '08, captain of the fencing team; B. Parker '08, captain of the football team; W. Hickox, Jr., '08, captain of the golf team; N. C. Nash, Jr., '07, captain of the shooting team; S. E. Goodwin '07, captain of the gymnastic team; C. C. Pell '08, captain of the hockey team; B. M. Vance '08, captain of the lacrosse team; R. L. Bacon '07, captain of the crew; J. V. Quinlan '07, captain of the swimming team; J. M. Morse '07, captain of the tennis team; and L. P. Dodge '08, captain of the track team.