Dance Order for Union Dance

Dancing will begin at 8.30 and the order of dances will be as follows: 1. Waltz, "Sounds from the Vienna Woods." 2. Two-Step, "Blaze Away." 3. Waltz, "Eternelle Ivresse." 4. Waltz, "Artist's Life." 5. Two-Step, "Up the Street." 6. Waltz, "Les Patmeurs." 7. Waltz, "Santiago." 8. Two-Step, "Soldiers Field." 9. Waltz, "Maids of Baden." 10. Waltz, "Fledermaus." 11. Two-Step, "Soldiers Field." 12. Waltz, "Luna." 13. Supper Dance. 14. Waltz, "Espanna." 15. Waltz, "Merry Widow." 16. Two-Step, "Thoroughbred." 17. Waltz, "Morgenblatter." 18. Waltz, "Red Mill." 19. Two-Step, "Our Director." 20. Waltz, "Blue Danube."

There will be four extras after the regular dancing is over.

Special cars will leave for Boston after the dance.

A member of the committee will be at the Union daily from 1 to 2 answer questions about the dance. Tomorrow is the last day for receiving applications for the dance. 1909 UNION DANON COMMITTEE