Pres. Eliot Before Boston Y. M. C. A.

President Eliot will give a public address tomorrow evening under the auspices of the Boston Young Men's Christian Union on "The Free Citizen." The address, which will be given at 7.30 o'clock at the hall of the Christian Union, 48 Boylston street, Boston, will be open to the public. The Social Service Entertainment Troupe Committee will give a short program of violin and vocal music, with piano accompaniment, in connection with the address.

This lecture will be the first of a course of Sunday evening lectures on "Character and Citizenship," to be given in January and February. The following is a list of the addresses as so far arranged.

January 12--"The Ethics of Trade," by J. Jones and G. L. Stone.

January 19--"Persistency in Good Citizenship," by J. F. Moors '83.

January 26--"A Public Nuisance which the Public is Beginning to Abolish--Disease," by Dr. R. C. Cabot '89.

February 2--"The Ethics of Public Life," by G. D. Cushing '85.

February 9--"The Ethics of a Presidential Election," by R. L. O'Brien '91.

February 16--"Religion in Politics," by Hon. Carroll D. Wright.