Advisory Body Approved.--Power to select and Assist Head Coach.

At a meeting of the Athletic Committee held yesterday, the following plan for the regulation of next year's football coaching, submitted by Captain Burr, was approved:

A committee of seven men, nominated by the captain, and confirmed by the Athletic Committee, to hold office for one year only, will appoint the head coach, subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee. The committee thus organized is to assist the head coach in procuring other coaches, both as assistants in the field and as advisory coaches. The members of the committee are expected to be present on the field as often as possible, and at least twice in each week. They will have the right to enforce upon the head coach a hearing of any criticism or advice which they may see fit to offer; and they are to be present at coaches meetings, at the option of the head coach. Any vacancy in the committee is to be filled by vote of the surviving members.

In appointing the committee the aim was to have the benefit of the advice of five older men, the other two places being filled by the captain, and a member of last year's team:

The following is the list of men nominated by Captain Burr and confirmed by the Athletic Committee, who will constitute the now advisory committee: G.R. Fearing '93, W.F. Garcelon L.'95, J.W. Farley '99, P.D. Haughton '99, A. Marshall L.'04, M.L. Newhall '08 and F.H. Burr '09.

Athletilc Committee Meeting.

At the meeting of the Athletic Committee held Yesterday, the Graduate Treasurer was given authority to construct a third skating rink. The following appointments were confirmed: W.K. Earle '10, as coach of the Freshman hockey team; J.A.P. Millet '10, as manager of the University second baseball team; E.A. Winsor '11, as manager of the Freshman crew; G.E. Jones '11 and H.S. Bailey '11, as manager and assistant manager respectively of the Freshman baseball team; S.A. Moot '11, as assistant manager of the Freshman basketball team.