Appointments by the Corporation

At the meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College on September 29, the following additional appointments of Fellowships and Scholarships for 1908-09 were made:

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences --University Scholarships--H. T. Costello 1G., A.B. 1908, student of Philosophy. W. H. H. Roth 1G., Reifezeugniss 1906, student of English. Josiah Dwight Whitney Scholarship ($100)--G. B. Roorbach 1G., A.B. 1903, Austin Scholar, student of Geology.

Graduate School of Applied Science-- Julia Amory Appleton Travelling Fellowship in Architecture--R. W. Varney, S.B. 1904, S.M. 1905, who won the appointment for 1907-08 by competitive examination.

Harvard College--Scholarship of the Harvard Club of Hawaii--J. R. Desha '12.