Dormitory Crew Captains Elected Tonight.-Order for Bumping Raced.

The University crew squad held its first fall practice on the river yesterday afternoon. The men were divided into three crews, which paddled up stream in easy stretches, followed by Coach Wray in the launch. The crews were made up as follows:

University crew-Stroke, Sargent; 7, Waid; 6, R. Cutler; 5, Faulkner; 4, Deming; 3, Severance; 2, Lunt; bow, E. Cutler; cox., Blagden.

Second crew-Stroke, F. Reece; 7, Hooper; 6, Eaton; 5, Withington; 4, Waite; 3, Whitney; 2, Forster; bow, Shillito; cox., Fales.

Third crew-Stroke, Richardson; 7, Wyman; 6, Beane; 5, Hanfstaengl; 4, Ellis; 3, Macleod; 2, Peabody; bow, R. Reece; cox., Everett.

Arrangements for Dormitory Crews.

There will be meetings for the purpose of electing captains and organizing crews for dormitory rowing this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the following places: Randolph, Randolph breakfast room; Ridgely, Ridgely breakfast room; Weld, Russell 17; Matthews, No. 51; Holyoke House-Little's, Holyoke 34; Westmorly, No. 126; Grays, No. 47; Craigie-Waverley, Russell 19; Perkins-Conant, Perkins living room; Thayer, Russell 20; Stoughton-Hollis-Holworthy, Holworthy 24; Dunster-Dana-Drayton, Dunster 35; Claverly, Claverly reading room; Mt. Auburn Street, 152 Mt. Auburn; Beck-Fairfax-Hampden, Beck 44; College House, Russell 18. Men wishing to form crews from any other dormitories should report at Russell 17 this evening at 8 o'clock.

The captains elected tonight should arrange tomorrow morning with Coach Stephenson at the Newell boathouse, or with Coach Brown at the Weld boathouse, for hours at which their crews may report during the afternoon, and should post notices of these hours in the respective dormitories. The Craigie-Waverley, Grays, Holyoke Street, Matthews, Randolph-Ridgely, Weld and Westmorly crews will row from the Newell boathouse, and all others from the Weld.

Order of Crews in Bumping Races.

At the end of about three weeks bumping races lasting three days will be held over the course above the University boathouse. In these races the crews win start in the following order, that in which they finished last year:

First Division-1, Claverly; 2. Randolph-Ridgely; 3, Westmorly; 4, Mount Auburn Street; 5, Dunster-Russell; 6, Hollis-Holworthy-Stoughton; 7, Beck-Hampden.

Second Division-1, Thayer; 2, Matthews; 3, Weld; 4, College House; 5, Perkins; 6, Hollis-Holworthy-Stoughton II; 7, Grays.