Choice of Secretary and Committees in Crimson Office from 8 to 6.

The election of the Senior Class Secretary and the Class, Class Day and Photograph Committees will be held in the CRIMSON office today between the hours of 8 A. M. and 6 P. M.

Seniors are reminded of the following regulations in regard to the election of committees:

"Every elector shall vote for two candidates for the Class Committee, three for the Photograph Committee and seven for the Class Day Committee. The two candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the Class Committee, and the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the Photograph Committee, and the seven candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the Class Day Committee shall be declared elected. Each Committee shall elect its own chairman.

"If any office or position becomes vacant for any reason, the vacancy shall be filled by that candidate who shall have received the next highest number of votes for that office or Committee.

"Every ballot not containing the required number of names for a Committee shall be invalid for that Committee."


As the result of petitions signed by 50 eligible voters the name of J. W. Cutler has been added to the list of nominations for the Class Day Committee, and that of G. H: Edgell to the list of nominations for the Photograph Committee.

The final list of nominees is as follows:

Secretary-H. B. Barton, Worcester; A. G. Cable, Evanston, III.; H. Gray, Boston.

Class Committee-F. M. Blagden, New York; R. M. Faulkner, Keene, N. H.; R. M. Middlemass, New Britain, Conn.; W. M. Rand, Watertown; W. R. Severance, New Bedford.

Class Day Committee-E. S. Allen, Glendale, O.; J. W. Cutler, Brookline; R. H. Eggleston, Jr., New York; S. S. Ford, Great Falls, Mont.; N. K. Hartford, Watertown; C. J. Nourse, Jr., New York.; A. S. Olmsted, Buffalo, N. Y.; W. G. Roelker, Jr., Newport, R. I.; F. Schenck, Lenox; J. W. Simons, Springfield; N. S. Simpkins, Jr., Washington, D. C.; W. G. Wendell, Boston; R. V. White, Hyde Park; O. G. Wood, Brookline.

Photograph Committee-K. S. Cate, Boston; G. H. Edgell, Newport, N. H.; G. Gund, Cleveland, O.; F. A. Harding, Jamaica Plain; J. P. Willetts, Skaneateles, N. Y.; E. F. Ver Wiebe, Somerville; P. Withington, Honolulu.

The following men have been assigned to watch at the polls and will report promptly at the times named: 8-9, E. P. Currier, W. M. Evarts; 9-10, G. Gund, H. S. Rand, Jr.; 10-11, T. S. Green, J. A. Paine; 11-12, O. G. Wood; 12-1, G. Farwell, H. T. Gleason; 1-2, O. W. Knauth, J. D. Leland; 2-3, F. P. Farquhar, P. M. Henry; 3-4, R. G. Harwood, J. C. Jones; 4-5, L. L. Forchheimer, H. A. Leland; 5-6, R. M. Middlemass.