Walter Camp's All-America Teams

Walter Camp of Yale announces his selection of the All-America football teams for 1908 in the current issue of Collier's Weekly. Two Harvard men, C. J. Nourse '09 and H. Fish, Jr., '10, are given places on the first eleven. J. W. Cutler '09 and E. F. Ver Wiebe '09 are on the second team, and S. Hoar '09 on the third team. On the three elevens combined Harvard has five players, Pennsylvania four, Yale and Dartmouth three each, and Princeton two.

The final selection of teams is as follows:

First Eleven.

Ends--Scarlett of Pennsylvania, and Schildmiller of Dartmouth.

Tackles--Fish of Harvard, and Horr of Syracuse.

Guards--Goebel of Yale, and Tobin of Dartmouth.

Centre--Nourse of Harvard.

Quarterback--Steffen of Chicago.

Halfbacks--Tibbott of Princeton, and Hollenbach of Pennsylvania.

Fullback--Coy of Yale.

Second Eleven.

Ends--Dennie of Brown, and Reifssnider of Annapolis.

Tackles--Siegling of Princeton, and O'Rourke of Cornell.

Guards--Andrus of Yale, and Messmer of Wisconsin.

Centre--Philoon of West Point.