Intercollegiate Tournament Now in Progress in New York.--Harvard Last.

New York, N. Y., December 21.--In the first day's play of the intercollegiate chess match at the West Side Republican Club, between Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia, the lead was taken by the Yale team, which won two and drew one of the four matches played with the University team. Princeton and Columbia each won one match, the other two being drawn.

The standing is: Yale, 2 1-2; Columbia, 2; Princeton, 2; Harvard, 1 1-2.

The summary of the matches follows: Gruening, H. drew with E. B. Burgess, Y.; G. Burgess, Y. beat Johnson, H.; Parshley, H. beat Jefferson, Y.; Chandler, Y. beat Byerly, H.; Blumberg, C. drew with Alexander, P.; Stephens, P. beat Ramsdell, C.; Tiemann, P. drew with Comstock, C.; Gluck, C. beat Ferger, P.

The schedule of play tomorrow follows: Harvard vs. Columbia, Yale vs. Princeton.