Perfected Plans Presented by Committee at Meeting Yesterday.

At the second meeting to organize a Speakers' Club in the University, held in Lawrence 1 yesterday afternoon, Professor I. L. Winter '86 and A. A. Ballantine '04 offered suggestions, and the committee of arrangements reported perfected plans for organization.

Professor Winter suggested that the meetings be made of vital interest to more than mere members, that they be made to attract the public as well as members of the University. This might perhaps be accomplished by the program being varied as much as possible, by having not only travel talks, recitations, illustrated lectures, but music and occasional talks of a humorous nature. A. A. Ballantine '04 emphasized the value of public speaking, and brought out the advantage a trained man has over those untrained in this respect.

After these ideas were presented, the committee on arrangements explained their plans. There shall be a public meeting once every fortnight, and on alternate weeks the club shall be divided into two or three groups in order that a greater opportunity be given the men to practice. The character of the meeting will be made as varied as possible. Membership will be restricted, the members being elected by a committee composed of A. C. Blagden 3L., F. M. Blagden '09, L. Crocker '11, J. S. Davis 1G., F. F. A. Pearson '11, A. M. Rensselaer sC., J. G. Waid '10, E. T. Wentworth '09, and Professor Winter as a permanent member. This committee shall be replenished by two or three new members elected every spring, to take the places of those lost by graduation. This committee shall select the charter members, nominate officers, and call the next meeting.