Debating Council Decision to Replace Debate by Oratorical Contest.

The University Debating Council, with the concurrence of the French Department, has decided for several reasons to change the conditions of the Pasteur Medal Debate.

For several years past, the medal has been contested for in a debate between two teams composed of three men each. This method has proved unsatisfactory, however. This year the subject will be some broad, general topic instead of a limited and definite proposition. Instead of being assigned a stated side, men will be allowed to treat any phase of the subject.

At the first trial, which will take place on December 18, the contestants will speak for not more than five minutes. Six men will be retained for the final contest on January 14, which will be public, and at which the speeches will be of twelve minutes' duration. In awarding the medal, the judges will take into consideration not only logic and clear presentation but also the general knowledge, manner of delivery, and literary style of the speakers.

The judges at both trials will be the same and will be chosen as follows: one by the French Department, one by the Department of Public Speaking, 'one by the Cercle Francais, and two by the University Debating Council. This will insure an impartial decision, and the subject will be considered from all sides. The subject, which will be selected by the French Department, will be announced in a few days.