University Swimming and Water Polo Teams at New York Tonight.

The University swimming and water polo teams will meet Columbia this evening at New York.

Columbia has beaten the College of the City of New York, but has been severely defeated by Princeton and Pennsylvania, while Harvard has beaten Brown but has lost to Yale. The water polo team has been greatly handicapped by the loss of three regular men from sickness.

The entries are as follows:

Relay race--Harvard: A. E. Manheimer '09, P. Withington '09, T. G. Aspinwall '10, R. F. Hoyt '10; Columbia: Arkush, Babcock, Matz, McKinley.

220-yard swim--Harvard: J. Cutler '09, P. Withington '09; Columbia: Arkush, Howe.

100-yard swim--Harvard: P. Withington '09, R. F. Hoyt '10; Columbia: Matz.

50-yard dash--Harvard: P. Withington '09, T. G. Aspinwall '10; Columbia: Matz, McKinley.

Plunge for distance--Harvard: D. B. Hill '08; Columbia: A. Fonts, Jr.

Diving--Harvard: D. B. Hill '08; Columbia: O. M. Werner, H. G. Guiteras.

Water polo--Line-up: HARVARD.  COLUMBIA. H. Watson, l.f.  r.f., Brown B. A. Merriam, c.  c., Goodwin L. H. Butt, r.f.  l.f., Holslag H. Hooper, h.b.  h.b., Pell R. G. Haines, l.g.  r.g., Gatch F. W. Davis, r.g.  l.g., Bissell