Princeton First in Gymnastic Meet

Princeton won the intercollegiate gymnastic meet, held Friday evening at Princeton. New York University, last year's champion, and Columbia were tied for second place. McCabe of Princeton won the all-round individual championship with a total of 309.8 points, and Schoonmaker of Columbia was second with 296. Harvard's only point was won by G. S. Taylor '08, who was third in the flying rings.

The results of the various events were as follows:

Horizontal bars--Won by H. L. Dowd (Pr.); second, E. W. McCabe (Pr.); third, J. L. Bradford (P.).

Side horse--J. Fernandez (N. Y. U.) and W. H. Wheeler (C.) tied for first; third, H. B. Griffin (Y.).

Club swinging--Won by F. A. Morrison (Rutgers); second, R. O. Phillips (N. Y. U.); third, C. T. Thompson (Rutgers).


Parallel bars--Won by L. E. Everard (Y.); second, H. S. Schoonmaker (C.); third, H. L. Dowd (Pr.).

Tumbling--Won by E. W. McCabe (Pr.); second, W. Thompson (N. Y. U.); third, H. L. Dowd (Pr.).

Flying rings--Won by S. L. Pope (Pr.); second, H. L. McCulloch (C.); third, G. S. Taylor (H.).

After the meet the following officers for the Intercollegiate Gymnastic Association were elected to serve during the coming year: president, G. F. Evans 2Dv., of Harvard; vice-president, J. L. Bradford, of Pennsylvania; secretary, J. Lunt, of N. Y. U.; and treasurer, P. M. Spaeth, of Haverford. The only new member elected to the executive committee was E. L. Souder '10, of Harvard, who fills the place vacated by Shearon of N. Y. U.