Senior Class Notices

Applications for Class Day Tickets.

Seniors are reminded that the second set of applications for Class Day tickets closes Friday. After this date Seniors will get no preference. Their applications will be filled in order of receipt, along with those of graduates and undergraduates. 1908 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.

Spreads in Yard.

All Seniors intending to spread in the Yard as individuals must send in their names, addresses and hours of their spreads to J.S. Whitney, Box C, Cambridge, before June 5.   1908 CLASS DAY COMMITTEE.

All Class "Lives" Not Yet Handed in.

Class "Lives" have been coming in better lately, and now only about 100 remain to be collected. The chief value of the statistics compiled from these "Lives" is in their complete representation of the class; accordingly every Senior is urged to co-operate with the secretary in this matter and make our class report the best yet issued. Those who have lost their blanks may obtain new ones by applying to Box D.   G. EMERSON.