Dining Halls Open Tomorrow

Memorial Hall.

Memorial Hall will open tomorrow for the year with breakfast at 7.15 o'clock. The hours for meals will be as follows: breakfast, 7.15 to 9.30 (special tables 9.30 to 10); lunch, 12 to 2; dinner, 5.30 to 7.30. Men may join at the office at any time, and information regarding membership, cost of board, etc., will be furnished by the Auditor.

In the transient department the strictly European plan of paying only for what is ordered will be in force, and there will be no fixed charge per meal. Payment will be made by coupons to be obtained at the office in the regular way. In the main part of the Hall the old American plan will be followed.

As nearly as possible the members will be assigned to seats by classes, and the men who are making up club tables are urged to apply for tables with their class. Men who do not express any preference as to location will be seated with their class.

Randall Hall.

Randall Hall will open with lunch tomorrow at 12 o'clock. The hours for meals during the year will be as heretofore; a breakfast, 7.30-9.25; lunch, 12-1.30; dinner, 5.15-6.45. By presenting the Bursar's card at the office, men may eat at the Hall for a week without becoming liable to the membership fee of three dollars. After that period men wishing to continue eating at the Hall must sign the enrollment book. The fee may be charged upon their term bills or paid at the auditor's office.