At Corner of Holyoke and South Streets.--Plans for Organization.

The need of a common centre for the members of the University teams has long been recognized, and in pursuance of this idea, a number of prominent graduates have organized a club house for the "Harvard Varsity Club". The club will be composed of graduates and undergraduates who have won their "H", and will probably have a further membership of others who have rendered exceptional service to the University. A committee of graduates is now at work drawing up a constitution for the club.

The support of the club is to be derived from nominal undergraduate dues, to be increased after leaving college, but several graduates have given pledges to advance sufficient money to put the plan into effect immediately. The partition has been removed between the two adjoining frame houses on the corner of Holyoke and South streets, and the whole will be made into a roomy club-house, ready for occupancy on October 20. This club house will contain training tables for the major teams and will provide a living place for graduates who come back to help in coaching. It will also be the headquarters of the Undergraduate Athletic Council.

The results of this social club based primarily upon athletic prowess should be a greater esprit de corps among the members of the various teams, a greater incentive to become a member of a University team, and indirectly more victories. It will be an official organ to set the standard and voice the sentiments of Harvard athletics.

This plan has been put into effect with marked success at Princeton, Pennsylvania, Cornell, and other colleges.