Review of Graduates' Magazine

The leading article of the September number of the Graduates' Magazine, entitled "On Shakespeare, or What You Will," is the Phi Beta Kappa oration delivered by H. H. Furness '54 in Sanders Theatre last June. In it Mr. Furness comments on the speeches and actions of two of Shakespeare's heroines, and upon the faults of the great writer himself. The last half of the article is devoted to advice on the study of Shakespeare.

A review of Professor Lowell's "Government of England" is the second article. The author summarizes the impression made by the volumes in the one word "magistrale." Under the heading "From a Graduate's Window," is a short sketch. "The Humors of the Quinquennial" in which the peculiar relations of the many, and the numbers of the most common names, are brought to light.

Prof. Merriman reviews the work of the summer quarter in the University, including chiefly the reorganization of the Bussey Institution. Facts pertaining to the life of undergraduates during the month of June are set forth by the student editor. An account of the Class Day exercises takes up most of the space, as being the most important event of the past quarter.

A full account of the Commencement Day Exercises with reports of the meetings of the various alumni organizations is given. Following this are reports of spring athletics, chiefly baseball and rowing. An excellent cut of the 1908 crew in its boat and a group picture of the ball team are used to illustrate the reports. The Phi Beta Kappa poem of 1908 "An Ode to the Universities" by Percy W. McKaye '97 and a short poem by F. W. Batchelder '60 complete the issue.