Summary of Recent Work and Plans for Future by Various Branches.

During the past three months work at Phillips Brooks House has continued along the lines usually followed in the fall and early winter. Since the early fall conference held two days before College opened at which some 40 men were present, the activities have been carried on by the Christian Association, the St. Paul's Society, the St. Paul's Catholic Club, and the Harvard Mission.

The Social Service Committee is directing its attention to various forms of social settlement work in Boston and Cambridge and about 100 men have been placed in positions of social service activity. All those interested should see one of the members of the following committee, which is in charge of the different branches of the work: chairman, A. G. Cable '09; clothing collection, J. Curtiss '09; entertainment troupes, J. T. Nightingale '10; assignment, P. W. Carter '10; boys' clubs, L. E. Drew '11, A. Gregg '11, and G. Swan '09; home libraries, T. M. Gregory '10; juvenile court, G. W. Hallowell '10; industrial schools, A. Beane Sp.

Under the direction of the Christian Association, with F. C. Mabee 3G, as chairman, a bible-study campaign has been carried on, which up to the present time has enrolled about 400 men in weekly and daily study. This number includes those men enrolled in both the dormitory groups and church Sunday schools, there being about 300 of the former and 100 of the latter. The groups meet weekly in the various dormitories and are led by graduates and undergraduates, who in turn are coached in the normal courses led by Dean Hodges and Professor J. H. Ropes on "The Life of Christ" and "The Social Significance of the Teachings of Jesus." Professor Ropes course meets Tuesdays at 6.30 in the Randall Room and Dean Hodges' course on Wednesdays at the same hour in the Parlor of Phillips Brooks House. By this means the leaders of the groups are fully prepared for their course of study. A third normal group is led by Mr. W. O. Tinker, a graduate of the Union Theological School, of New York, and is intended especially for the leaders of Freshman groups, in six of which there are enrolled over 50 men, a number which will undoubtedly be increased in the future. In addition Professor E. C. Moore conducts a weekly class of Chinese students which meets every Wednesday evening.

The Association has also held devotional meetings each Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. The list of speakers for the remainder of the year will be announced shortly. About $500 has already been subscribed by the undergraduates for the maintenance of the work. All contributions should be sent to W. O. Kenney '10 at Phillips Brooks House as soon as possible.

The St. Paul's Society as usual conducts weekly services on Wednesdays at 7 o'clock and holds its corporate communions monthly in Christ Church. In addition it has about 30 men engaged in social service work in connection with the Church in Cambridge and Boston. The courses on Christian faith to be given in March have not yet been announced.

Although the St. Paul's Catholic Club remains in its new quarters, the Newman House on Mt. Auburn street, it continues its affiliation with the Brooks House Association. Its success in the new quarters has been shown by the increased attendance at the lectures and smoke talks. These conferences will be held every two weeks for the rest of the year, and the usual doctrinal discourses will be given by the club chaplain, Rev. Charles A. Finn, during Lent.

Since the Harvard Mission was first organized at the meeting at the Wayside Inn in 1904, it has raised $800 annually for the support of E. C. Carter '00 in India, and has helped in placing some ten other men in missionary work in foreign countries. Now that Mr. Carter has returned to this country to be in charge of the Y. M. C. A. student department in the United States, the mission will turn its energies to new work. Plans have been nearly completed for a new undertaking. It is expected that in May Mr. Jacob Riis will give a lecture in the Union on the present condition of the slums in New York, in order to acquaint those men who are to live in New York with some of the city's slum problems. The following men form the committee to carry on the undergraduate activities of the Harvard Mission: chairman, W. R. Ohler '10; secretary, E. T. Wentworth '09; W. S. Whittemore 4M., D. C. McCallum 3Dv., A. L. Thayer 2L., H. B. Barton '09, F. H. Burr '09, K. S. Cate '09, J. M. Groton '09, L. K. Lunt '09, E. C. Bacon '10, H. P. Cooper '10, W. P. Fuller '10, S. A. Sargent, Jr., '10, R. C. Foster '11, E. Harding '11, H. MacNider '11