To Investigate Educational Methods at Middle Western Institutions.

Professor E. C. Moore, Parkman professor of theology and chairman of the board of preachers to the University, will leave this afternoon for the Middle West, where he will visit several of the older colleges and universities in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Professor Moore planned this trip at the request of the Alumni Association and with the purpose of making addresses and studying educational methods at the institutions which he will visit. He is familiar with a number of these colleges having been graduated from Marietta College in 1877.

Arriving in Cleveland tomorrow morning, Professor Moore will visit Western Reserve University as the guest of President Charles F. Thwing '76. On the next morning he will go to Oberlin and remain for the night, returning to Cleveland in the morning and leaving immediately for Marietta College, where he will arrive late that evening. After spending January 27 at Marietta he will go on the next day to Delaware, as the guest of President Welch of Ohio Wesleyan University. After conducting the university chapel evercises on the morning of January 29 he will go to Wooster, where he will be the guest of Professor Martin of the University of Wooster. On the afternoon of January 30 he will go to Columbus and spend the night, leaving for Greencastle early in the morning and reaching DePauw University about noon.

The next day he will go to Indiana University at Bloomington and on February 2 to Chicago. Resuming his journey on February 4, he will visit Beloit College. The following day he will spend in Racine, and will journey to Galesburg on February 6, spending two days at Knox College. On February 9 he will go to Illinois College at Jacksonville, returning that evening in order to speak at the meeting of the Religious Education Association on the morning of February 10. On February 11, after addressing the students of Lake Forest College in the morning, he will take the afternoon train for Boston, arriving on the evening of February 12.