Mr. Louis Allard's Public Readings

Mr. Louis Allard, instructor in French, will give a series of public readings from the works of the French dramatists in Emerson J at 8 o'clock during February and March. The subjects and dates of his lectures are as follows:

Feb. 16.--"Le Prince d'Aurec," by H. Lavedan.

Feb. 23.--"La Course du Flambeau," by P. Hervieu.

March 2.--"Socrate et sa Femme," by T. de Banville; and "L'Imagination," by J. Lemaitre.

March 11.--"Les Caprices de Marianne," by A. de Musset.

March 16.--"La Cigale," by H. Meilhac and L. Halevy.

March 23.--"La Princesse Lointain," by E. Rostand.