Graduates' Night of "Zopf und Schwert" In Boston.--Plot and Cast.

The Graduates' Night performance of "Zopf und Schwert," the comedy in five acts by Karl Gutzkow, chosen for presentation by the Deutscher Verein, will be given in Copley Hall, Boston, this evening at 8.15 o'clock. The performance will be under the auspices of the Deutsche Gessellschaft, and there will be no public sale of tickets, admittance being by invitation only. A regular performance will be given in Copley Hall tomorrow evening, which will also be open only to invited guests.

"Zopf und Schwert" is a romance of court life in Berlin. The Prince of Baireuth persuades his sister to receive a French master recommended to her by her brother, without the knowledge of anyone. The prince meanwhile has fallen desperately in love with the portrait of a princess whom the Queen desires to see married to the Prince of Wales. The latter is momentarily expected to arrive at Berlin and is preceded by an ambassador, from whom the Prince of Baireuth discovers that the entire plan of the marriage is part of a trade between the two countries. This news he communicates to the princess, who is being held under strict surveillance for having disobeyed orders and for having secretly received the Frenchman. Intrigue follows intrigue with rapid action introducing several humorous complications, until finally the prince is banished from Berlin. His friend and adviser, Hotham, decides to disguise him as the awaited Prince of Wales and thus gain access to the rooms of the Queen and the priness. In the last act the Prince of Baireuth is talking to the Queen and the princess, when the King surprises the little party and is ready to banish the Queen when Hotham explains the entire situation. The King then sees that his daughter is really in love with the prince and forgives all.

The cast of the play is as follows: Friedrich Wilhelm I,  A. Kuttner 1G. Die Koenigin,  Miss E. Muensterberg Prinzessin Wilhelmine,  Miss K. Tyng Der Erbprinz von Baireuth,  Dr. R. Drechsler General von Grumbkow,  W. Roth 1G. Graf Schwerin,  C. O. Mueller '11 Graf Wartensleben,  F. Wellmann '11 Graf Seckendorf,  R. Lempp Gr.Dy. Ritter Hotham,  E. Eiserhardt 1G. Frau von Viereck,  Miss M. T. Jackson Frau von Holzendorf,  Miss A. Bourke Fraulein von Sonnsfeld,  Miss A. Monossowitch Eversmann,  J. Loewenberg 1G. Kamke,  A. Vonnegut '10 Eckhof,  E. F. Hanfstaengl '09

Lakaien, Offiziere, Soldaten, Hofdamen: R. W. Byerly '09, R. M. Ferry sC., H. R. Gilbert '09, R. Hancock sC., P. R. Lieder '10, H. W. Miller '12, R. K. Nash '11, H. Potter '11, R. W. Smyth '09, P. H. Vogel '10, H. E. Wetzel '11, Miss G. Holden, Miss M. Farnsworth.


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