University Calendar

*Open to University. **Open to Public.

Monday, January 4.

*MORNING PRAYERS. Rev. E. C. Moore. Appleton Chapel, 8.45 A. M.

**KING'S CHAPEL LECTURES. "The Ethical Theory of the Old Testament." II. Professor W. R. Arnold. King's Chapel, Boston, 2.30 P. M.

*PHYSICAL COLLOQUIUM. "Skinner: on the Optical Properties of Magnetic Films." Mr. T. T. Smith. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Room 25, 5 P. M.

CHAMBER CONCERT. The Kneisel Quartet. Lecture Room of the Fogg Museum, 8 P. M. Program: Mozart in G Major; Brahms, Quartet in B-flat major, op. 67, No. 3; Grieg, Two Movements completed by Julius Roentgen, senior, to the Unfinished Quartet in F major (Posth.) (MSS., first time).


Tuesday, January 5.

FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Meeting at University 5, 4 P. M.

Thursday, January 7.

**LECTURES ON THE MODERN GERMAN DRAMA. "Grillparzers Werke I.--Ahnfran, Sappho, Das goldene Vliess, Konig Ottokar." Professor Kuehnemann. Emerson J, 11 A. M.

*ZOOLOGICAL CLUB. Reports of the Holiday Meetings of the Scientific Societies. Zoological Laboratory, 4th floor, Room 4, 4.45 P. M.

**VESPER SERVICE. Rev. Professor Francis G. Peabody, D.D. Appleton Chapel, 5 P. M. The front seats are reserved for officers of the University and their families till 4.55 P. M.

Friday, January 8.

*UNIVERSITY TEA. Phillips Brooks House, 4 to 6 P. M. All members of the University are cordially invited.

**ENGINEERING SOCIETY. "Motion Study as Applied in Industry." Mr. Frank B. Gilbreth, General Contractor, of New York. Pierce 110, 8 P. M. This lecture will be of interest to students of Economics and Business Administration as well as to students of Engineering.

Saturday, January 9.

**LECTURES ON THE MODERN GERMAN DRAMA. "Grillparzers Werke II.--Ein treuer Diener seines Herrn, Des Meeres und der Liebe Wellen, Der Traum ein Leben, Weh dem der lugt." Professor Kuehnemann. Emerson J, 11 A. M.

**LECTURE. "Some Things Parents should know about the Teeth of their Children." Dr. Charles A. Brackett. Medical School, Longwood Avenue, Boston, 8 P. M.