Total Number, Including Postal Card Canvass, 400.--Summary of Speeches.

At the meeting of candidates for the University and Freshman track teams held last night in the Union about one hundred and fifty men were present. Captain W. M. Rand '09, who introduced the other speakers, spoke first. He emphasized the fact that though the prospects for the team are unfavorable on paper they are not really so, for we have plenty of good material, and therefore, every man must report at once for regular work. He then outlined the work of the year. The first important event is the relay race with Yale at the B. A. A. meet on February 6, and if we are to win it, the relay men must work their hardest in the month of practice that they will have between now and then. All track event men are to report to Coach Donovan in the Gymnasium today at 11, 12, 2.30, and 3.30 o'clock; field event men to Coach Quinn in the baseball cage before 3 o'clock.

W. F. Garcelon, L. '95 said that the secret of success in all things is preparation; the reason why the football and baseball teams, and the crew won last year was because they kept everlastingly at their work. The track team must defeat Yale this year to make up for the defeat of last year, and in order to do this every man must stay out for practice until the end, and even if a man feels that he cannot make the team, his work may encourage someone else to do so.

Coach W. E. Quinn also said that the men must work hard and diligently, practicing at least five days a week in the field events. Men must not expect to do well after one month's practice or even after one year's.

Manager J. D. Leland '09 spoke of the winter relay carnival on March 5 and 6, and said that he hoped that all the dormitories would enter teams.

The number of men who have sent in their names on the reply postal cards to Captain Rand and as candidates for the University team, plus those who handed in their names at the meeting, is 270; for the Freshman team, 130.