Lecture on How to Save Time.

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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

As the subject of Mr. Gilbreth's lecture, "Motion Study as Applied to Industry," as announced for this evening in the calendar, is a new and rather unfamiliar one it may be well to explain it a little.

Motion study, as thus used, means a systematic study with the stop-watch of the way in which the time of artisans about their usual work is actually spent. The object is of course to find ways to eliminate such waste of time as is observed, and the results already obtained are very striking and suggestive, and they bid fair to be far-reaching in importance. Mr. Gilbreth will speak from the point of view of a large employer, thus endeavoring to increase the efficiency of his men. The subject is one meriting the attention of anyone interested in efficiency either on his own part or on the part of his subordinates, present or prospective.

The lecture will be given in Pierce 110 at 8 o'clock and will be illustrated. LEWIS J. JOHNSON '87.