Circular Issued by Political Club

The Harvard Political Club sent out by registered mail last night to every candidate for the Massachusetts Senate and House the following letter:

"The Intercollegiate Civic League, of which this club is a member, is devoted to political research and the cause of good government.

"This club believes that the income tax, endorsed by both national parties, is the leading issue of the present campaign, and that the people have a right to know how their representatives intend to vote on this important question. Believing this, the club has undertaken the work and the expense of making a canvass of all candidates for the legislature.

"Will you kindly help us in this undertaking, by at once filling out and mailing the enclosed card?"

On the card enclosed the candidates are asked to say whether, if elected, they will vote for or against the ratification of the proposed income tax amendment to the National Constitution passed by Congress last summer.