Order of University Crew Changed

The work for the University crew yesterday consisted of an easy paddle downstream. The crews rowed with slightly altered orders. Hooper and Higginson in the second boat changed places, Hooper rowing 7, the position he held on his Freshman crew. Wiggins took bow in the second boat in place of Shillito, who filled the bow position in the third crew.

Since Monday there has been an improvement in the work of the second and third crews, but their rowing is not up to the standard. In the University crew the faults noticeable the first day on the river have not disappeared. The men still rush the slides, jerk at the catch and show a general unsteadiness. The individual work of the men in the first boat has been fairly good, but the crew rows as individuals and not as one man. The stern four are responsible for the tendency to rush the slides.

To remedy these faults each man in the squad will be required to row at least once a week in a single shell. The single rowing helps each man to calculate his individual effectiveness and teaches him to balance a narrow boat. Single rowing, then, will be a part of the week's routine during the fall practice.

The crews rowed yesterday as follows:

University crew--Stroke, Cutler; 7, Waid; 6, Newton; 5, Bacon; 4, Strong; 3, Metcalf; 2, Leslie; bow, Sargent; cox., King.


Second crew--Stroke, Forster; 7, Hooper; 6, Higinson; 5, Balch; 4, Waite; 3, Whitney; 2, Loring; bow, Wiggins; cox., Voorhees.

Third crew--Stroke, Richardson; 7, Jowett; 6, Eaton; 5, Beane; 4, Hoar; 3, Parker; 2, Howell; bow, Shillito; cox., Kempton.