Several Good Performances.--Little Won Broad Jump and Shot-Put.

The annual fall handicap track games were held Saturday afternoon on an improvised turf track behind the Stadium. Owing to a cold wind, and the unfavorable condition of the track, the performances in general were not so good as those of last year. C. C. Little '10 did the best individual work, winning first place in the broad jump, at 22 feet, and in the 12-pound shot-put, at 48 feet. In both events he was placed on scratch.

The 100-yard dash and the 120-yard high and low hurdle races were all closely contested. The first event was won by R. S. Tobey '12, with a handicap of 7 yards, in 10 1-5 seconds, R. C. Foster '11, scratch, finishing second, and W. D. Sohier, Jr., '11, with 4 yards handicap, securing third place.

The 120-yard high hurdle event was won by O. M. Chadwick '11, with a handicap of 5 yards, in 14 1-5 seconds, J. K. Lewis '11, with 5 yards handicap, and J. P. Long '11, scratch, taking second and third places respectively.

In the 120-yard low hurdle race, J. B. Cummings '13, with a handicap of 5 yards, was closely pressed by R. C. Foster '11, running from scratch, the former finishing first in the excellent time of 13 3-5 seconds. R. F. Hoyt '11, with 3 yards handicap, barely won third place from J. P. Long '11, scratch.

Another close finish occurred in the two-mile run. E. L. Viets '10, starting with 40 yards handicap, won first place in 10 minutes and 13 seconds, finishing less than a yard ahead of P. R. Withington '12, who ran from scratch. R. H. Rowse '12 was third.

Starting from 10 yards behind scratch in the one-mile run, H. P. Lawless '13 won first place in 4 minutes and 39 seconds, bettering his time made in the Freshman games on the preceding day by 11 2-5 seconds. W. H. Lacey '12, with 20 yards handicap, finished second, and P. Newton '11, with 50 yards handicap, was third.

Following is the summary of events:

Track Events.

120-yard high hurdles--Won by O. M. Chadwick '11, 5 yds.; second, J. K. Lewis, Jr., '11, 3 yds.; third, J. P. Long '11, scratch. Time, 14 1-5s.

120-yard low hurdles--Won by J. B. Cummings '13, 5 yds.; second, R. C. Foster '11, scratch; third, R. F. Hoyt '10, 3 yds. Time, 13 3-5s.

100-yard dash--Won by R. S. Tobey '12, 7 yds.; second, R. C. Foster '11, scratch; third, W. D. Sohier, Jr., '11, 4 yds. Time, 10 1-5s.

440-yard run--Won by D. P. Ranney '12, scratch; second, L. Watson '10, 6 yds.; third, G. N. Hurd '13, 15 yds. Time, 53s.

880-yard run--Won by S. C. Simons '11, 8 yds.; second, R. Warren '10, 6 yds.; third, S. H. Bowles '12, 15 yds. Time, 2m., 13s.

One-mile run--Won by H. P. Lawless '13, owe 10 yds.; second, W. H. Lacey '12, 20 yds.; third. P. Newton '11, 50 yds. Time, 4m., 39s.

Two-mile run--Won by E. L. Viets '10, 40 yds.; second, P. R. Withington '12, scratch; third, R. H. Rowse '12, 80 yds. Time, 10m., 13s.