Aeronautical Society Organized

The Harvard Aeronautical Society was formally organized at an enthusiastic meeting held in the Union yesterday evening. About three hundred men were were present, of whom two hundred and fifty became charter members. Opportunity will be given to all men who were unable to secure membership cards to become charter members at another meeting which will be held in the near future.

R. L. Groves '10 presided and introduced J. V. Martin uC., who spoke of the aims and explained the plans of the society.

The following officers were elected: President, Professor A. L. Rotch '91: vice-president, H. Nawn '10; secretary. E. C. Brown '12; treasurer, A. Sweetser '11. The executive committee will be composed of R. L. Groves '10, T. H. McKittrick, Jr., '11, J. V. Martin uC., W. R. Strong '10, and H. deWindt '12. The advisory board is as follows: Professor L. S. Marks, Assistant Professor W. H. Pickering, and Assistant Professor F. L. Kennedy '92.

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