Captain Fish Spoke at Mass Meeting

The second football mass meeting, held last evening in the Union, was marked by great enthusiasm, the crowd filling the room and overflowing into the halls. G. P. Gardner, Jr., '10 and C. L. Lanigan '10 Led the cheering, and J. S. Reed '10 the singing.

Captain Fish was the only speaker, as Coach Haughton was unable to be present. The University team this year is not composed of veterans like Yale's, which is considered invincible. Men like ours, however, prove better in the end than such an organization. Our material is as good as last year's and our chances for a victory are more than even. This year the team has again had the best coach in the country, and also the best secondary coaches for all departments. During the past week the team has shown remarkable improvement. In the Yale game, not that with Dartmouth, will be where the team shows its best form.

This year we are neither optimistic nor pessimistic. There will be no excuses to offer at the end of the season, and the better team will win, but the Harvard team will be the best on the field that day.

Seven of the new songs were tried as well as a number of the old ones. One of the new songs, "Score," which has not been tried before, met with immediate and enthusiastic approval. "Harvardiana" was also well received.

It was announced that every evening next week between 7 and 8 there will be impromptu meetings in the Fogg Lecture Room to practice the songs. A band of 25 pieces will play at the game tomorrow