University Reception in Union at 9

The annual University Reception will be held in the Union this evening at 9 o'clock, instead of the third week in January as in the past three years. President and Mrs. Lowell will be the guests of honor. About 500 officers of the University and Radcliffe College, as well as members of the visiting committees, are expected to be present.

At 7.30 o'clock the main entrance to the Union will be closed and those on the invitation list will be admitted by the ladies entrance at the east end of the building. President and Mrs. Lowell will receive in the Living Room from 9 to 10 o'clock. At 9.30 o'clock dancing will begin in the Periodical Room and continue until midnight. A light supper will be served in the Dining Room from 10 to 11 o'clock.

The price of tickets is one dollar for each person. Besides their own ticket, subscribers are entitled to purchase tickets for the ladies of their families, and for guests not residing in the vicinity of Cambridge. Tickets may be obtained from Mr. Joseph Warren, University 5, until noon today.

The following ushers will assist at the reception; Mr. A. C. Ames, Professor I. Babbitt '89, Professor G. P. Baker '87, Professor G. P. Baxter '96, Professor C. L. Bouton '96, Professor W. B. Cannon '96, Assistant Dean W. R. Castle, Jr., '00, Mr. G. W. Cram '88, Mr. H. M. Davis '07, Professor J. H. Gardiner '85. Mr. J. D. Greene '96, Professor C. B. Gulick '90, Professor W. F. Harris '91, Mr. J. G. Hart '93, Professor H. J. Hughes '94, Professor E. V. Huntington '95, Professor C. W. Killam, Dr. F. W. C. Lieder, Professor G. H. Maynadier '89, Professor R. B. Merriman '96, Mr. H. W. Morse, Professor W. B. Munro, A. M. '99, Professor R. B. Perry, A. M. '97, Professor J. S. Pray '95, Professor E. K. Rand '94, Dean W. C. Sabine '88, Professor W. R. Spalding '87, Mr. C. M. Stearns, Professor H. A. Torrey, A. M. '96, Professor C. H. White '97, Professor J. K. Whittemore '95, Professor I. L. Winter '86, Professor C. H. C. Wright '91, Professor B. Wyman '96.