Junior Class Notice

To the members of the class of 1911:

Our annual class election will be held today in the Lodge at the Gate of the Class of 1877 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Two hundred and sixty two of our classmates out of 620 voted at the election last November. I can conceive of no very momentous reason why we should not double our Sophomore record, or do even better. We have nine hours in which to register our choices. Therefore, let us prove our interest in our class by taking a few minutes to vote.

Don't say, and don't think, that this election is inconsequential, for it is of considerable consequence. The officers of our choosing will have much to do with a successful dance, and other class entertainments. Our President will be honored by membership in the Student Council, and there is no telling what may arise to test the judgment and ability of our leaders. Moreover, will they not assume the duties of their offices with greater pleasure and interest if they are the choice of the whole class? We all know what public indifference means. Let us have none of it, but rather let us all co-operate by asking our classmates whether they have done their duty, by reminding one another that today is election day.

We have a splendid group of candidates. If we all vote, whatever the weather may be, whatever the inconvenience, no one will seriously regret the outcome. Let us omit all indifference and try to set a record of votes cast, which will be pointed to as an example for future classes.