In '77 Gate Lodge From 9 to 6.--Lists of Poll-Watchers and Tellers.

The election of the Junior class officers for the coming year will be held by Australian ballot in the Lodge at the Class of '77 Gate, not in the CRIMSON Office, as has been customary heretofore, today between 9 and 6 o'clock. All men entering with the class of 1911 are eligible to vote. The revised list of nominations, to which the name of L. Withington, Jr., as a nominee for president, has been added by petition, are as follows: for president, R.C. Foster, J.A. Sweetser, L. Withington, Jr.; for vice-president, H.F. Corbett, R. Whitney; for secretary-treasurer, A. Gregg, G.R. Harding, A. Sweetser.

The following have been appointed watchers at the polls and will report at the Lodge promptly at the hours assigned: 9 to 10--P.D. Smith, R.D. Morse; 10 to 11--J. Shillito, F.F.A. Pearson; 11 to 12--R.F. Hooper, W.G. Taussig; 12 to 1--E. Harding, W.A. Lawrence; 1 to 2--C. Hann, Jr., E.A. Bemis; 2 to 3--P.S. Abreu, R.C. Floyd; 3 to 4--F. Cunningham, M.E. Peabody; 4 to 5--W. DeF. Beal, E.M. Ach; 5 to 6--C. Hann, Jr., E.W. Ellis.

The following have been appointed tellers and will report at Beck 34 at 6.30 o'clock: L. Crocker, R.C. Floyd, H. Forster, R.F. Hooper, L.L.A. Ilfeld, W.A. Lawrence, O. McAllister, W.G. O'Hare, P. Snedeker, H.T. Webber.