Safety and 2 field Goals Scored.-Minot Excelled for Harvard

By kicking two goals from the field Coy, the Yale captain, practically won the football game between Harvard and Yale, played Saturday afternoon in the Stadium. In addition to these two scores Yale-made two points on a safety by Corbett after one of Minot's punts had been blocked, making the final score 8 to 0 in Yale's favor. As had been expected, the game was essentially a kicking game in which Coy had the advantage over Minot, nor was either team able to score on "straight" football. The punting made the game a very open one, in which brilliant individual plays were very frequent. The game was hard-fought from beginning to end, Harvard excelling in the straight rushing, while Yale entirely offset this by excellent judgement and punting. O'Flaherty, the Harvard quarterback, did not appear to drive the team with the best of judgment; he was very weak in handling punts, and at times failed to take advantage of his opponents' mistakes. Wigglesworth, when he replaced O'Flaherty, seemed able to run his team far more accurately and effectively. The Yale team however, deserved to win; the game was won by generalship, just as that played a year ago at New Haven, and by keeping to a kicking game, the Harvard team was forced back time and again almost to its goal line, which enabled Coy to make six attempts at field goals.

Work of Yale Players.

Coy was distinctly the individual star, not on account of his running with the ball, but due entirely to his punting and drop-kicking. He scored once, in the first half, from the 29-yard line at an angle, while in the second half he sent the ball over the cross-bar from Harvard's 32-yard line. Coy punted nine times in each half, including onside kicks, and averaged 35 yards on each kick. Kilpatrick played a wonderful game at end. He was almost invariably the first man down under a punt, though Coy was out-punting his ends between ten and twenty yards on the average. Kilpatrick never failed to keep the runner inside of him, and his defence was of the best. Hobbs and Cooney were both very effective in the line, Hobbs blocking one of Minot's punts which resulted in the first score, Philbin, outside of one brilliant run of 40 yards after catching a punt, was not as spectacular as in the Princeton game a week ago. Howe ran his team well, tackled hard, and used excellent judgment.

Work of Harvard Team

Of the Harvard players Minot, Captain Fish, Corbett and Wigglesworth seemed to be the most brilliant. Minot's punting was very consistent, though the wind affected it somewhat during the first half his line plunging and defensive work was of a very high standard. Captain Fish was marvellous on the defence; he seemed to be all over the field making a great many tackles in the open. Corbett, by his runs outside of tackle, gained many yards. He ran hard dodged well, and was always following the ball. The two Withingtons, Fisher and McKay formed a line through which Yale made but two first downs during the entire game. The ends were not brilliant, but played consistently and steadily throughout the game. Leslie was a reliable ground gainer though not so hard a man to stop as Corbett.

The officials had considerable trouble during the game, several times failing to watch for offside when it was perfectly evident to all the spectators. During the game Yale made 33 rushes for a gain of 106 yards, while Harvard in 46 rushes made exactly twice that distance. Harvard, however, lost 17 yards on rushes, which was 6 more than Yale lost. Coy punted 18 times, including onside kicks, for a total distance of 626 yards, an average of nearly - 35 yards on each punt. Minot punted twenty times, including onside kicks, one or two of which were made by Frothingham , a total distance of 566 yards, about 29 yards perkick. Yale ran the punts back for 129 yards during the game, while Harvard gained only 97 yards in this way. Yale was penalized only twice for a total of 25 yards, while Harvard lost 96 yards on 9 penalties. Harvard made eight first downs, four in each half, and Yale only made its distance twice. Only one forward pass, from Howe to Savage, was successful; Yale failed twice. Once Yale gained 35 yards consecutively, and Harvard's longest series of gains was 62 yards early in the second half.

Detail of Play-First Half.

Yale won the toss and Coy chose to defend the south goal, giving Yale the advantage of the wind. At 2.04 o'clock Mckay made a short kick-off to Lilley on Yale's 35- yard line. Minot tackled Lilley so hard that the latter was obliged to leave the field, Paul taking his place at right tackle. Because Trainer Donovan came on the field, Harvard was penalized 15 yards before play was resumed. Philbin made four yards around right end, then Coy punted to O'Flaherty who fumbled and Hobbs recovered the ball for Yale on Harvard's 16-yard line. Coy went through the centre for a scant two yards, but Philbin was unable to gain even a foot at right tackle on the next play. Coy dropped back to the 25-yard line to try a drop kick, but the ball went wide and was brought out to Harvard's 25-yard line where it was put in play.

O'Flaherty fumbled on the first play, but recovered the ball with a loss of two yards. Leslie made three yards through tackle, before Minot punted to Philbin who fumbled, Captain Fish recovering the ball for Harvard on Yale's 54-yard line. Minot made a five-yard gain through centre and Corbett added three more. Corbett again took the ball through tackle and was downed on Yale's 36-yard line, after a gain of ten yards, for first down, In the next two plays Corbett carried the ball but gained only three yards. O'Flaherty then tried a forward pas, which was unsuccessful and although the ball hit the ground inside the field of play, Field Judge Hall decided that the ball went outside and it was Yale's ball on its own 41-yard line.

Yale tried one rush, then Coy kicked to O'Flaherty. The ball hit the ground but lie managed to recover it and ran back ten yards before Kilpatrick forced him outside on Harvard's 26-yard line. Corbett was given the ball and went outside of tackle for 25 yards, Howe tackling him on the 51-yards line. Leslie gained five yards through tackle, then Corbett made a first down by an 18-yard line Minot made a short gain through centre, Leslie made eight yards but Browne was seen holding and Harvard was Penalized 15 yards. From Yale's 48-yard line Minot sent an onside kick to Murphy, who had been substituted for Daly, on Yale's 32-yard line. Coy punted on the first play to O'Flaherty on Harvard's 32-yard line, Hobbs tackling him after a gain of nine yards. Corbett was tackled for no gain, and as another rush gained nothing Minot punted to Philbin on Yale's 30 yard line. L.D. Smith downing him after he had run back three yards. An exchange of punts netted Yale an eight yard gain, and Coy immediately kicked again to Corbett who fumbled but recovered the ball out of bound on Harvard's 31- yards line. Corbett lost two yards on a double pass, and Minot through centre was stopped for no gain.

Minot tried another onside kick, Murphy signalling for a fair catch on his 46-yard line, but L. D, Smith. interfered with catch and Harvard was penalized 15 yards. Howe, on a quarterback run, was tackled for a two yard loss on Harvard's 51-yard line. Coy sent a nicely placed onside kick just over the centre placed onside kick just over the centre of the line and Cooney recovered the ball for Yale on Harvard's 28-yard line. Coy smashed through right guard for seven yards, while on the next play he gained two yards more. Hobbs was called to the other side of the line and Coy smashed through for Yale's first first down, on Harvard's 16-yard line. In two plays Yale gained but five yards, so Coy dropped back for another try at goal. Standing on the 20-yard line he missed his second attempt and Harvard again put the ball in play on its 25-yard line, but only after a discussion with the officials. Leslie and Corbett gained but five yards in two plays so Minot punted to Murphy, who made a fair catch on Harvard's 54-yard line.

Coy attempted a forward pass which hit the ground, the penalty giving the ball to Yale on its own 32-yard line. Coy punted to O'Flaherty who was tackled for no gain. Minot tore through centre for several yards but fumbled, Leslie picking up the ball and running to Yale's 50-yard line. Kilpatrick threw Corbett for a loss Minot failed to gain, so he made an onside kick which Howe caught and ran back 13 yards. L. D. Smith threw Philbin for a five-yard loss on an attempted end run, then Coy punted to O'Flaherty on Harvard's 31-yard line. Spencer went in for Paul at right tackle on the Yale team. O'Flaherty, who seemed to be rather dazed after the last play, fumbled on the next play, but recovered the ball with only a slight loss. His signals seemed to be confused and the next play was stopped for no gain. Minot was sent back to punt, but Hobbs broke through the line and blocked the kick, the ball rolling to Harvard's two-yard line where Kilpatrick fell on it. As he rolled over the goal line, for what seemed to be a touchdown, he fumbled, Corbett falling on the ball for a safety thus giving Yale two points. There was considerable disputing about this play but Edwards and Langford finally decided that it was a safety and not a touchback.

The ball was put in play on Harvard's 25-yard line and after one play the penalty for an incompleted forward pass put the ball on the one-yard line. Minot stood behind his own goal line and punted to Murphy who made a fair catch on Harvard's 36-yard line. Hobbs tried a goal from placement which was low. The ball bounded along back of the goal line until it hit one of the spectators who threw it to Field Judge Hall. Since the ball had hit an official, Hobbs was allowed another try at goal which also failed.

Again the ball was put in play on the 25-yard line. Leslie made seven yards through tackle before Minot punted. The kick was partially blocked, Howe catching it on the 47-yard line and running back 13-yards to the 34-yard line before he was tackled. Coy tried an onside kick which went to Minot, who signalled for a fair catch but fumbled, Corbett recovering the ball on his own 9-yard line. Leslie made five yards, from the kicking formation, and Corbett gained one more. In the last play, however, Harvard was holding and was penalized, the ball going to its one-yard line. Minot punted from behind his goal line to Philbin on the 36-yard line, Fish making a beautiful tackle. In two plays Yale carried the ball to the 27-yard line and, as time was nearly up, Coy dropped back for his fourth try for a field gold. Again he failed and the ball was put in play on the 25-yard line. Corbett made a yard through Hobbs before Minot punted to Philbin on Yale's 49-yard line. Philbin, by wonderfully clever running, ran back to Harvard's 21-yard line where he was forced out of bounds. It was a beautiful run, the longest of the game. Coy immediately dropped back to his 28-yard line and kicked a perfect field goal, adding three more points to Yale's score.

Before the kick-off Frothingham replaced Corbett at left halfback. Cooney kicked off to Leslie who ran from his five-yard line to his 21-yard line before he was tackled by Hobbs. Minot gained three yards through centre just as the whistle blew, announcing the end of the half.

Second Half

Yale made no changes in its lineup, but Houston replaced L. D. Smith at right end on the Harvard team before the second half commenced. Cooney kicked off to McKay who was downed after a short gain on Harvard's 24-yard line. Minot made two yards through Andrus before he was called on to punt. Murphy ran the kick back five yards to his 44-yard line, and on the next play got two yards more through Fisher. The only successful forward pass of the game, one from Howe to Savage, gained six yards from Yale on the next play. However, as it was third down, Coy punted to O'Flaherty who was tackled by Kilpatrick on Harvard's 24-yard line. Leslie gained five yards, then Minot made first down through the line. Two more plays carried the ball to Harvard's 46-yard line, and here Minot made an accurate onside kick which was recovered by Browne on Yale's 47-yard line, Howe somewhat misjudging the kick. Frothingham took the ball on the next play but Yale was penalized for being offside. Three plays, with the Harvard offence working like a machine, made first down on Yale's 29-yard line. Two more line plays gained but three yards and Frothingham tried an onside kick which went over the Yale goal line. Howe picked up the ball and ran the length of the field, no one trying to stop him. The play was not allowed, Yale putting the ball in play on its own 25-yard line.

Coy dropped back as if to punt but started to run around right end then turned and made nine yards around the7CORBETT MAKING 25 YARDS.