By Mr. Whiting in New Lecture Hall at 8 to Illustrate Work of Bach.

Mr. Arthur Whiting will give the first of his expositions of chamber music this evening at 8 o'clock. Owing to the great success of these concerts last year, the Fogg Lecture Room was found too small, so that this year they will be held in the New Lecture Hall. Mr. Whiting, assisted by Miss Laura Kelsey, violinist, Mr. George Barrere, flutist, and Mr. Alwin Schroeder, violoncellist, will give the following program to illustrate the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750:

Harpsichord.--Little Preludes, D minor, E major.--Two-voice Inventions, C major, F major.

Clavichord.--Prelude, E-flat minor.--Prelude and Fugue, B-flat major. Vol. I, Well-tempered Clavichord.

Flute, Harpsichord.--Sonata, B minor. Largo e dolce. Presto--Allegro.

Violoncello.--Suite C major. Prelude. Sarabande. Bourree.

Harpsichord.--Suite, E major (French). Allemande. Sarabande. Gavotte. Bourree.

Flute, Violin, Violoncello, Harpsichord.--Sonata, C minor. Allegro. Andante.

The concert is open to members of the University and no admission fee will be charged. Mr. Whiting will give four more expositions on December 14, January 18, when the Flonzaley Quartet will assist, February 15, and March 15.