20-Minute Game Played.-First Freshman Practice.-Plans for Season.

The University hockey squad held a short practice yesterday afternoon on Hammond's Pond, Chestnut Hill. On account of the poor condition of the ice the work of the forwards was very erratic, but served to try out various defensive combinations. The first part of the practice consisted in individual work by the forwards in carrying the puck against several combinations of defensive candidates.

After this, two teams were chosen and a 20-minute game played. The snow, which had gradually accumulated on the ice, prevented the forwards of both sides from doing any effective work against the defence, and only one goal was scored. In the absence of Houston and Huntington all the candidates who reported for the positions of point and cover point were given a long try-out. Foster, Blackall, and Balch seemed the most effective in stopping the opposing for wards.

Although the line-ups were continually interchanged at the beginning of the game, the two teams played most of the time with the following players: TEAM A.  TEAM B. Doolittle, l.e.  r.e.,Eaton Hicks, l.c.  r.c., Elliot Duncan, r.c.  l.c., Arnheim Whidden, r.e.  l.e., Rice Beard, c.p.  c.p., Foster Paul, p.  p., Balch, Blackall Fahnestock, Chadwick, Brown, Wolfe, g. g., Grinnell

First Freshman Practice.

About 25 members of the Freshman hockey squad held the first regular practice of the year yesterday afternoon at Hammond's Pond. Two sets of defence were chosen and four forwards sent against each set. Later two forwards were sent down against the goal and point. No regular game was played.


Plans Outlined at Meeting.

At the meeting of the candidates for the University and Freshman hockey teams held last evening at the Varsity Club about 50 men were present. Coach A. Winsor '02 spoke on the requisites of an effective hockey team, emphasizing the necessity of good foot-work, stick-work, and finally good head-work. Following Coach Winsor, Trainer Quinn announced that strict training will be required from now to the end of the season. The training table for the University team will begin at the Varsity Club with lunch on the first day after the recess. The meeting was concluded with a blackboard talk by Coach Winsor and T. S. Sampson '09, who explained the various formations to be used this year.