Scheduled for Saturday to be Played Today.--Standing of League Teams.

As the Dartmouth hockey team remained in town over Sunday, the postponed game with the University team will be played at 3 o'clock in the Stadium rink if weather conditions permit. In case the rink is not in good condition, the game will be played either at the Brae Burn Country Club or possibly at the Winchester Country Club.

Owing to the fact that Dartmouth defeated three of the five teams in the intercollegiate league, the winning of today's game would mean the championship of the league. Provided Harvard wins today the championship may depend on the result of the Yale game on Saturday, in which case a defeat would cause a tie with Dartmouth.

With the exception of Stucklen at left centre, Dartmouth's team is the same as last year, when Harvard won easily by the score of 10 to 3. Since Dartmouth has been beaten only twice this year, and has won from Springfield Training School, Yale, Williams, Columbia, Princeton, and Cornell, the game today should be close.

The line-up: HARVARD.  DARTMOUTH. Gardner, l.e.  r.e., Marston Hicks, l.c.  r.c., Perry Morgan, r.c.  l.c., Stucklen Hornblower, r.e.  l.e., Doe Ford, c.p.  c.p., Leighton Willetts, p.  p., Pettingill Washburn, g.  g., Erhard

Present Standing in Hockey League.


The standing of the teams in the Intercollegiate Hockey League is as follows:

  Won.  Lost  P.C. Dartmouth,  3  0  1.000 Harvard,  2  0  1.000 Yale,  1  1  .500 Princeton,  1  2  .333 Columbia,  0  4  .000