In New York Saturday Night.--Work of Harvard Men in Medford Meet.

On Saturday night the University relay team defeated Columbia and Technology in a one-mile race in the annual indoor track meet of Columbia University in Madison Square Garden.

The time, 3 minutes, 32 4-5 seconds, was poor. Columbia was second and Technology third. R. C. Foster '11, W. M. Rand '09, F. M. de Selding '10, and E. K. Merrihew '10, made up the team.

Columbia was represented by Zine, Bowman, Swazey, and Kennedy; and Technology by Grow, Fernstrom, Salisbury, and Moss.

G. W. Ryley '10, won third place in the 600-yard novice run. The time of the winner was 1 minute and 20 seconds.

At the annual meet of the Lawrence Light Guards in Medford on Saturday night, C. A. Little '10, with a handicap of 1 foot, 9 inches, won first place in the 16-pound shot-put with a distance of 44 feet, 4 3-4 inches. F. H. Leslie '12, with a handicap of 5 feet, 6 inches, was second with 41 feet, 7 1-2 inches. In the quarter-mile run, R. W. Boyden, with 15 yards handicap, took first place, the time being 57 3-5 seconds. In the high jump F. de H. Houston '10, was tied with three others at 5 feet, 11 1-2 inches. In the drawing for prizes, Houston secured second.


P. Withington '09, met A. G. Mather of the Medford Boat Club in a special heavy-weight wrestling match, Withington had recently won the New England championship from Mather. In Saturday's match, the first bout of six minutes was a draw. In the second bout, however, Withington scored a rolling fall and won the match, the time being 1 minute and 44 seconds.

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