First Crew Practice Yesterday

At the first practice for the University and Freshman crews yesterday, 28 men reported for the University, and 51 for the Freshman squad. The men were put at work on the machines and were than sent out for a run. Coach Wray, who will have charge of the University squad, will be assisted by Coaches Stephenson and Browne, as usual, this year.

The University eight--Bacon, E. Cutler, R. Cutler, Faulkner, Lunt, Sargent, Waid. L. Withington--will report at 4 o'clock today and the rest of the University squad at 4.15.

The Freshmen will report dressed to row and run at the times assigned, as follows: at 3.15--C. L. Amory, N. L. Anderson, G. H. Balch, N. H. Brock, F. H. Chatfield, H. T. Deane, A. W. Farnsworth, A. P. Faxon, T. Frothingham, Jr., P. Gifford, R. F. Goldsmidt, J. Hoar, H. Holt, Jr., P. K. Houston, T. J. McCabe, G. P. Metcalf, G. F. Newton, C. W. Peabody, A. Richard, A. B. Richardson, W. E. Shephered, S. B. Smart, R. Stiles. A. Strong, L. D. Smith, R. H. Thompson, J. C. Trumbull, R. Weston, J. G. Wiggins.

At 3.45--R. Asano, T. W. Barnes, M. M. Boyd, H. C. Dewey, F. O. French, S. A. Friede, H. S. Hegarty, H. H. Heywood, C. Howell, A. W. Hunnewell, H. O. Isham, R. S. Kellen, F. H. Leslie, W. K. Macy, H. N. Matthews, G. D. Osgood, A. A. Prior, H. J. Sargent, J. B. Savage, A. E. Stone, R. B. Suckley, H. B. Willis.